Closeup of a sofa in the lounge area at Ritz Apart Hotel

Your Safety Comes First

Safe Travel

At Ritz Apart Hotel we are ready for your return. Today more than ever our main priority is the health and safety of our guests and work team.
Following the recommendations of local authorities as well as those of the WHO, we make the necessary adjustments to adapt to the new normality in which we live. That is why we want to share with you the main measures we adopt for your well-being:

Interior of Grand Deluxe Suite at Ritz Apart Hotel

Our Rooms

For your safety we reinforce our cleaning and disinfection process in all our rooms, our staff has been trained for your well-being.
Within the disinfection process, we take into account the following points:

  • HDQ NEUTRAL It is a one-step germicidal cleaner, deodorant and disinfectant use in hospitals. The purpose is to achieve optimal and reliable cleaning and disinfection. It will be applied with special emphasis on doors, door knobs, furniture, remote control, telephones, etc.
  • UV-C LIGHTING SYSTEM Continuing with the disinfection process of rooms we have a UV-C lighting system, which provides a fast and efficient inactivation of microorganisms through a physical process. Preventing viruses from reproducing and infecting, this process will be applied in completely empty environments.
  • BIOSECURITY KIT All our guests, upon entering the Hotel, will be provided with a Biosafety Kit (masks, a pair of gloves and a personal container of alcohol in Gel)
  • SECURITY SEAL Once the disinfection process of our rooms has been completed, they will remain sealed until our new guest breaks it.

Trained Staff

Following the recommendations of the local authorities and the WHO, all our personnel have been trained and equipped to carry out the following protocol:

  • Temperature Control
    • Thermographic Camera: This camera allows us to measure the temperature with greater precision, since it has a non-cooled focal plane sensor that automatically tracks high and low temperatures in real time.
    • Infrared Thermometer: We also have portable infrared thermometers for temperature control.​
  • PEDILUVIO Before entering the Hotel lobby, everyone will disinfect their shoes by going through our footbath. 
  • DISINFECTION The disinfection of all guests or visitors entering the Hotel will also be carried out, for this process we use Lysoform.
Temperature screening at Ritz Apart Hotel
Maids sanitizing rooms after check-out at Ritz Apart Hotel
Maids preparing rooms after check-out at Ritz Apart Hotel
Closeup of a person using hand sanitizer at Ritz Apart Hotel

Disinfection Points

Since one of the most efficient measures for the fight against the Covid-19 is constant hand disinfection, hand alcohol dispensers have been installed on each floor of the Hotel within the reach of all our guests.

Web Check-In

In accordance with current social distancing good practices, we make our Web Check-In platform available to all our clients. This way we improve the passenger experience and reduce time in the front desk area, where they will be given the key to the room in a closed plastic envelope.

Closeup on a breakfast nook served at Ritz Apart Hotel

Food Services or Restaurant Services

Our service areas are frequently cleaned and disinfected with HDQ NEUTRAL, maintaining strict control of good food handling and sanitation practices.

All our dishes go through a washing process of at least 60 ° Celsius, afterwards the same dishes are disinfected with alcohol.

​All food services are served by our Room Service at no extra cost to our guests.